Portrait Photography – What to Expect

Portrait Photography – What to Expect

For many people having their portrait taken can be an almost scary prospect. I can fully appreciate that feeling , and there is a very good reason why I prefer to take photographs. It is an unusually situation and not something that (unless you are a super model) forms part of our normal day-to-day lives.

In most cases your photography portrait session is to celebrate some occasion and so I really want you to enjoy the experience and have fun.

So normally prior to the session we will have a brief chat about the type and style of portrait you would like. This can be either intra contemporary, more traditional, monochrome or various other styles. Of course it is not limited to any specific type and during your session I am more than happy to do several different things. The secret is i getting a feeling for your personalities and tailoring things to fit you .

I will chat through what to expect during the experience and of course you are also free to come up with your own idea ..feel free to bring along your very own props or pets, etc

So while a photo shoot might at first seem a little daunting it need not be like that .Our photo shoots are a lot of fun and a great way to spend quality time together. The studio is fully equipped with the best equipment which can ensure I can capture beautiful consistent pictures.

After the photo shoot, your photographs go through our full editing and cost production process s to ensure you have the highest quality images possible. You will then be provided with the experience of being able to view through all your final images to make your choices. This can be done at a special viewing session ,where you can enjoy a unique show of your very own photographs. After which can choose from colour,monochrome  or even graphic designs to give you beautiful bespoke hand crafted albums, frames and wall art  to hang on your wall and cherish for a lifetime.