Portrait Products

Portrait Products

In todays world with modern technology and the ‘digital age’ there is often a tendency to miss out on those long lasting important things .

Your family memories are Special, so it is important to look after them. Keep them safe, save them from time and  from forgetting, creating a lasting reminder that you will have for generations to come.

I often wonder when I visit the homes of older relations and see the wonderful pictures of friends and relatives what it will be like in years to come in many of todays houses. The reality is that a CD or DVD does not really have the same viewing qualities as a beautiful framed print.

A well crafted photograph deserves a well crafted home. So beautiful hand crafted Albums , frames and bespoke products individually designed to make it truly matter….because it does truly matter.

The thing is that in years gone past you basically only had the choice of getting a picture framed and perhaps choosing from 2 or 3 options. Today it is very different there are literally hundreds of options. So the following is just a few examples of what I offer.


Portfone-jpgolio Albums –

These have the same outstanding quality as our storybook wedding albums f,it is printed on the highest quality paper with a choice of

finish, perfectly lay flat pages and has a printed cover of your design.

One size – A4, One page capacity,10 double spreads
Portrait or Landscape,  Matt or Gloss paper,  Photographic printing



Aluminium MoELEANOR ROSEunted Panels

Get the best from your images by mounting them to our aluminium print panels.

They feature a black polymer centre sandwiched between two aluminium sheets with a usual thickness of 3mm.The panels are perfectly smooth with a sleek, clean cut look making for a very contemporary, minimal look on which to showcaseyour images. All the panels come complete with wall fixing attachments, so all you need to do is decide where to put it!



arylicAcrylic Panels

We offer two styles of Acrylic Print panels, both coming in two different depths, 5mm & 10mm.

All of our Panels have a High Gloss finish that creates a stunning end result and are perfect for any living space or office.These Stylish  acrylic print panels are supplied with aluminium stand-off fixings.These polished aluminium posts hold the  panels approximately 25mm off the wall. All our panels are diamond polished for the best possible quality. Your print is pressure bonded to the reverse of the acrylic panel using special, ultra-thin, double sided optically clear mount film. All you need to do is decide where to hang them



Of course we also offer a wide range of frames to suit just about any taste