Northern Ireland Fine Art Landscape Photography

I am privileged to have been born and brought up near to the Glens of Antrim and within a stones throw of the Antrim Coastline, one of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ireland.

This is the area I call home and much of my inspiration comes within ½ hour drive of my birthplace.   So it should come as no surprise that I am just a little biased when I say that even though Northern Ireland has an abundance of natural scenery and breathtaking ,nowhere is this more evident than in the Glens of Antrim and The Causeway Coast.

There are many beautiful regions in this world, there can surely be no doubt that this area contains spectacular, beautiful and varied scenery that can compete with anywhere!

So my Fine Art Landscapes are my feeble attempt to capture some of the  majesty and beauty of this wonderful part of the world and at the same time try to convey some of the atmosphere of the area.

The great thing is that it is all squeezed into a relatively small area. You can choose between unspoilt moorland, valleys, beaches, sheer cliffs, wonderful seascapes, wooded glens, waterfalls and picturesque villages. There are plenty of Ancient sites and hidden places, beautiful and rugged headlands, and wonderful views across to Scotland, North Antrim has it all.

The biggest feature of the area is the huge moorland of the Antrim Plateau from which flows a series of mountain streams and rivers. These in turn have formed a series of 9 glens with some incredibly evocative names. Each glen is unique in its own right and while some offer more photographic material than others they are all beautiful and have unique ‘personalities’. With a mix of rich history , breathtaking natural drama and beauty and not to mention the legends and folklore and tales of giants, fairies etc.   This area of Glen and Coast offers almost endless possibilities for the landscape photographer.

Photography literally means ‘painting with light’ and this really does apply to landscape photography where differing conditions and lighting can transform a scene and it can look totally different. Photographers will talk about the ‘golden hours’ around sunrise/sunset and this can often mean very early starts as we hunt that perfect shot.

The goal  in capturing a Fine Art Landscape is always to try and find something just that little bit different. So while it might be of a well known location it can still be unique, but even better is to explore off the beaten track and discover those ‘hidden gems’ that are less well known.