Commercial Photographer in Northern Ireland

Commercial Photographer in Northern Ireland

Commercial photography can cover a huge range of topics. This is one of the great things I love about it , as it can involve such a  a wide range of businesses and requirements.

I understand the desire to hire reliable, timely and professional suppliers who will work to deadlines . With all commercial commissions I do a consultation including a briefing session which ensures both parties are involved and alert to your businesses requirements.

While a picture might not be worth exactly 1000 words , good photography and images can really make a difference.

We provide location or studio corporate portraits for magazine editorials, company websites, brochures or even just for your social media . Customers include businesses, hotels, government professionals and magazines.

Commercial Photography can range from small items of jewellery, through the full range of food photography including restaurants, hotels, artisan bakers, and even through to large items of machinery.

If you need images to promote, sell, show off a new product or simply get your products out there. Rest assured that we will provide images effectively and in a timely manner.

We have provided photography to major companies such as RBS, Scottish Power, Ulster Bank Ltd and AllstateNI  as well as many small local companies and indeed individuals.

For any commercial photography assignment Colin will discuss  your exact needs and how to achieve them, and be flexible around your schedule to create beautiful images for your business.

I am  available  across all of Northern Ireland & South and the rest of the UK . I have commissions from corporate organisations including the public and private sector a, hotel and spa, schools, university professionals / campaigns, both small & large businesses and works with web design and PR agencies on their advertising and editorial campaigns.

Commercial photography commissions are priced on a day or hourly rate which can be discussed when making your enquiry.